Hope Works Here is an employer-sponsored benefit that guides the transition of an employee’s return to work after the death of a child.

  • Grief in the workplace costs U.S. Employers over
    $75 billion a year.
  • A parent’s on-the-job productivity is impaired following the death of their child. They function at only 30% within the first 30 days and at 62% at 6 months.
Crisis happens. Bring in an expert.

At a time when productivity and confidence may break down, Hope Works Here offers critical support to an employee in crisis. Hope Works Here will:

  • Educate and guide supervisors and managers to ensure employees receive timely, custom and consistent support.
  • Help employers to retain valued employees.
  • Reduce economic losses related to grief.

“We sit around a conference table and ask, what more can we do to help?Hope Works Here is the answer, Sr Benefits Leader, Minnesota-based national retailer

  • The Hope Works Here Service Package is a timely and customized response and includes:


  • For the Employer: We thoughtfully assemble a customized communications toolkit that helps as early as sharing the news of a crisis internally/externally through the time that the bereaved employee is back at work.
  • For the Employee: We hand-pick and share resources specific to the child’s cause of death.


The service is designed to provide support to both the bereaved employee and their team, with a transition coach carefully selected based on the circumstances of each case. Three goal-oriented visits pave the way for a successful return to work: 

  • First visit, one-on-one with bereaved employee PRIOR to the employee’s return to work.
  • Second visit, transition coach meets with team at the workplace PRIOR to the employee’s return to work.
  • Third visit, one-on-one with bereaved employee AFTER employee returns to work.

The Hope Works Here service can be engaged for employees at any stage, and the transition coach visits can be customized to fit each case.

*A transition coach is a clinical mental health professional specifically chosen by Hope Works Here who specializes in child loss

Connecting With Others

Help your employee and their spouse/family find hope with a gift that never expires: a certificate for a stay at Faith’s Lodge. When they are ready, a long weekend at Faith’s Lodge connects them with others who are facing a similar loss.

  • Whether you’re an enrolled Employer or not, contact us if you have a need at 612.825.2703 or info@hopeworkshere.com .
  • Hope Works Here provides resources and a detailed schedule tailored to both the employer and employee’s specific needs
  • Service initiated. Includes transition coach visits and more.
The Hope Works Here process

is flexible to fit the needs of the employer and employee. We will help guide the employer and employee through scheduling the transition coach visits, connecting the employee with others and providing tailored resources. See Full Process

For Employers

Crisis happens. Bring in an expert. At a time when productivity and confidence may break down, Hope Works Here offers critical support to an employee in crisis.

Engage Now

"As a company that is driven by continuous improvement on the experience employees have with us, we are always seeking partnerships that offer additional value to our employees. The best outcome is that we won’t ever use Hope Works Here, but having a comprehensive service like this ready at a moment’s notice gives us peace of mind should the need arise.”

- Julie Cosgrove, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

I wish Hope Works Here was around after my return to work from losing our stillborn son. Nobody knows how incredibly awkward, uncomfortable, and just extremely sad it is to go through a loss like this. Having as much support from family as well as your employer, can only help you along in the grieving process.

- Danielle' K., Faith's Lodge Past Guest

For Employees

It takes a village. Find out how you can support a parent in crisis.

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A Service of faith's Lodge

Faith’s Lodge is a safe haven for those coping with the death of a child.

Since 2007, Faith’s Lodge has served over 12,000 grieving parents and their families in a peaceful environment to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future. It is a non-faith-based organization that was created by a bereaved Twin Cities couple in remembrance of their daughter, Faith Ann. A variety of programming is offered to grieving parents and families.

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