• What is Hope Works Here?
    • Hope Works Here is an employer-sponsored benefit that guides the transition of an employee’s return to work after the death or medically complex diagnosis of a child.

  • What services does Hope Works Here Offer?
    • When an employee has a loss or their child is diagnosed with a medically complex condition, the Hope Works Here Service Package is a timely and customized response for each situation and includes:



      Support is provided to both the affected employee and their team by a transition coach, who is carefully selected for the employee based on the circumstances of each case. Each package includes three (3) visits with a Transition Coach:

      • 1st visit: one on one with affected employee PRIOR to employee’s return to work
      • 2nd visit: transition coach meets with team at the workplace PRIOR to employee return
      • 3rd visit: one on one with affected employee AFTER employee returns to work


      Connecting with Others

      Help your employee find hope with a gift that never expires: a certificate for a stay at Faith’s Lodge. When they are ready, a long weekend at Faith’s Lodge connects them with others who are facing a similar diagnosis or loss.



      • For the Employer: We thoughtfully assemble a customized communications toolkit that helps as early as sharing the news of a crisis internally/externally through the time that the affected employee is back at work.
      • For the Employee: We hand-pick and share resources specific to the child’s cause of death or medically complex condition.
  • Who can enroll in the Hope Works Here Service?
    • The Hope Works Here service is for employers to offer to all of their employees as a benefit. The service is then engaged when an affected employee has lost a child or is coping with their child’s medical diagnosis.

  • When a crisis occurs, how soon can we avail of the service?
    • As soon as a crisis occurs, please contact us at 612.261.2600, info@hopeworkshere.com or complete the Service Engagement Form.

      Once the service engagement form is complete, the service will begin within one business day. We will provide you with tips on how to share the news with the team, tips on helping the affected employee, customized resources, transition coach scheduling information, and a Faith’s Lodge gift certificate for you to give to the affected employee.


  • I am an employee, How do I get my company to offer this to their employees?
    • Feel free to share our website or executive summary with your employer or contact us at 612.261.2600 and we can help set up with your employer to introduce our service to them.

  • I am an employer, how do I offer this to my employees?
  • What is the different between Partner Enrollment and Service Engagement?
    • Partner Enrollment is a way for an Employer to let all of their employees know that they offer this service as an additional benefit. The company logo will be listed on the Hope Works Here website.

      Service Engagement is a availing of the service package,  which means in the event of an employee child’s death or diagnosis, a company can then purchase the service package for that affected employee. You do not need to be a partner to engage the service.

  • What is Faith’s Lodge?
    • Hope Works Here is a service of Faith’s Lodge. Faith’s Lodge is a non profit orientation that supports parents and families coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child in a peaceful environment to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future. We operate a Lodge in Danbury, WI where parents and families can connect with and draw strength from others who are facing similar situations.

  • My Employee had a loss or their child was diagnosed with a medically complex condition, what do I do now?
  • What is a transition coach?
    • A transition coach is a clinical mental health professional specifically chosen by Faith’s Lodge who specializes in childhood illness or death.