Transition Coach

Become a Transition Coach for Hope Works Here!

Hope Works Here is an employer-sponsored benefit that guides the transition of an employee’s return to work after the death of a child.

The service package includes three (3) visits with a transition coach.

1st visit: one-on-one with the bereaved employee PRIOR to employee’s return to work

2nd visit: transition coach meets team at the workplace PRIOR to employee’s return to work

3rd visit: one-on-one with bereaved employee AFTER employee returns to work.

*A transition coach is a clinical mental health professional who specializes in child loss

What is it?

Transition Coach

Help an employee back to work!

When an employer has a need, Hope Works Here needs a variety of providers that we can call upon to take new cases and help transition the bereaved employee back to work in a timely manner.


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Who is it for?

Professional Requirements

Mental Health Professionals

Hope Works Here transition coaches must be a licensed mental health professional with a focus on grief.

On Average annually, 1/1000 employees will experience a loss.*

*US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics